Working Together for a Better Minnesota

It is a politician's job to work for compromise.

Lori Ann has long said that politicians need to work together in the middle to find the compromises to address issues we face. The opportunity cost of not dealing with critical issues affecting people and businesses is too high. Most Americans are moderates, and many feel that neither party represents them as an individual. We want our voices to be heard when it comes to creating policies that affect our lives. 

Lori Ann wants movement on issues that affect people every day. Right now, opposing administrations often undo or scrap existing legislation that is working instead of making appropriate tweaks. As a result, other important issues never get addressed. One example is sustainable funding for our local roads and highways.

Communities compete based on the full range of amenities and services we provide. Everything from our roads, housing, childcare, and broadband, to our cultural and natural assets affect people's desire to live, work and play here. We can and need to do better for those who have chosen to live here now and to attract those who will help us succeed in the future. I believe we need more moderates in politics to get the work done and that is why I am running to represent you and this District.