Lori Ann is proud to be endorsed by 18 organizations. Watch the video below for a quick recap on all her endorsements!


I am proud to be endorsed by the party that is working to improving the lives of all Minnesotans, because all of us—black, white or brown just want the opportunity and freedom to provide for our families, live safe and just communities and retire with dignity. It's the American dream and we can deliver that for each one of us when we come together to work for the people of Minnesota.


As a pro-choice candidate who will work tirelessly to ensure women's reproductive rights stay a part of the American fabric of society, I am proud of this endorsement by Women Winning.

I so appreciate the work that Women Winning does because they value the unique perspective and approach that women bring to the legislative process to ensure that the policies enacted actually benefit children, families and communities.  


  I am truly grateful to Emily's List for this endorsement and for all that this organization does to work to elect women to all levels of government in this country. They have an incredible understanding of how our government will better people's lives when we increase the leadership roles that belong to pro-choice Democratic women in all levels of our legislative bodies and executive seats. We know that women lead and collaborate differently and this skill is so desperately needed in our government right now.

I wanted this Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Recognition because I agree with everything they stand for and will work with them to enact legislation that can save lives.

Moms Demand Action supports the 2nd Amendment, but they also believe common-sense solutions can help decrease the escalating epidemic of gun violence that kills too many of our children and loved ones every day. Whether the gun violence happens in urban Chicago, suburban Virginia, or rural Minnesota, we must act now on new and stronger gun laws and policies to protect our children.

Moms Demand Action envisions a country where all children and families are safe from gun violence. Our nonpartisan grassroots movement has grown to include a chapter in every state across the country. We are educating, motivating, and mobilizing supporters to take action that will result in stronger laws and policies to save lives.

The Teamsters Joint Council 32 is a Dynamic Voice for North America's Most Powerful Labor Union and I am thrilled that they were the first labor union to endorse me this year! 

Fighting for fair wages, decent working conditions, good benefits and dignity in retirement, Joint Council 32 is the umbrella organization for 13 affiliated Teamster Local Unions representing more than 75,000 active and retired members in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

I truly appreciate my union supporters and IBEW was the second union to endorse me in this election cycle!

Construction electricians in southern Minnesota have been represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) since 1919. On April 1, 1979, Local 343 won its own charter to represent construction electricians in an area encompassing 26 counties across the southern quarter of Minnesota from the Mississippi River to the South Dakota border.

To provide the most qualified and highly trained craftspeople, Local 343 and its contractors provide a joint apprenticeship training program as well as continual upgrade training. IBEW Local 343 strives to ensure good wages and benefits, worker safety and security, and opportunities to advance, IBEW Local 343 keeps southern Minnesota wired for success.

I am truly thankful for OutFront's endorsement because I believe it is so important for each one one of us to stand up for the rights that belong to ALL of us. And in today's volatile environment where hate wants to drive a wedge between us, we all need to do more to support one another.

OutFront Minnesota’s mission is to create a state where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are free to be who they are, love who they love, and live without fear of violence, harassment or discrimination.

We envision a state where LGBTQ individuals have equal opportunities, protection and rights. We are working toward the day when all Minnesotans have the freedom, power and confidence to make the best choices for their own lives.

AFL-CIO Minnesota logo

The AFL-CIO cares about so many critical issues that I care about as well—even as a small business owner. I am grateful for their endorsement and believe we can all work together to create the businesses, jobs and economy that can support all of us in the future.

Their work is anchored in making sure everyone who works for a living has family-supporting wages and benefits and the ability to retire with dignity.

They advance legislation to create good jobs by investing tax dollars in schools, roads, bridges, ports and airports, and improving the lives of workers through education, job training and a livable minimum wage.

They advocate for strengthening Social Security and private pensions, ensuring fair tax policies, and making high-quality, affordable health care available to all.