The Issues

Minnesotans want a state government that works together to introduce and implement effective solutions that maintain the quality of life we know and expect. 

Lori Ann is socially progressive yet fiscally moderate. She believes we need more moderates in government, so we can get work done.

Business, Jobs & Growth

We are fortunate to have a robust and diverse economy in our region with manufacturing, healthcare, retail and education rounding out our top four industries.

As business owners we need to invest in people and/or equipment in order to grow, but our current challenges with affordable housing and quality childcare, coupled with worker shortages restrict that growth. In fact, MSCI states that manufacturing companies lose an average of $14,000 for every unfilled job that lasts three months or more.  (Source)

Lori Ann supports economic and business development that works for both the employer and the employee, because that's how our communities thrive too. 

Family Farm Support

Lori Ann supports the family farmers who nurture the land, raise the livestock and grow our food. Farmers are part of the bedrock of a rural community. The state needs to do its part to support our farmers as they face a depressed farm economy, tight credit markets, uncertain international trade markets, and economic pressure from the big agricultural operators. 

Education & Skills

Investments in public education are especially vital to rural communities who want new families to move to their towns. Our state funding solutions need to be sufficient, steady, and reliable so rural schools can create the educational opportunities our students require to learn and succeed.

To compete in this ever-changing world, Lori Ann supports a strong cradle-to-grave public education system that starts with pre-school readiness and continues with occupational retraining options to keep workers skilled and working. 

We need to support our public education teachers and their rights to organize and collectively bargain.

Affordable Healthcare

Lori Ann believes Minnesota can lead the way in improving healthcare access while reining in costs for both individuals and business owners. Our inability to improve or tweak what is already working is truly affecting all of us. It's time to make Minnesota the successful national model for Single Payer healthcare. We also need to support our rural hospitals and rural health care workers.


Lori Ann supports fully funding rural broadband initiatives because our rural communities and townships need reliable, high-speed Internet access. Without it, our families, children, farmers and business owners are second class citizens trying to compete in a high-tech world economy.

Gun Safety

Lori Ann supports universal background checks and registration requirements for all firearms purchases. She would close the loopholes that allow people with a legal history of domestic abuse to buy or own guns. She supports the creation of Red Flag laws. She believes that responsible hunters and veterans can support the push for effective legislation that saves people's lives and she looks forward to working with them on this issue.

Renewable Economy

Lori Ann is proud to support the renewable energy economy that creates jobs in Greater Minnesota while protecting the beautiful natural assets we are blessed with in this region. This includes wind, solar and clean transportation options that keep more energy dollars in Minnesota. Personally, she has 27 solar panels on her garage taking advantage of the power of the sun.


Our representatives are responsible for doing the people's work and right now, that is not happening. Finding the middle ground to move solutions forward is the job of the politician and I am committed to doing that job for all Minnesotans so that our policies and legislation create a better Minnesota for all of us.